9.b Other revenues and income - €3,277 million

Millions of euro     
 2013 2012 restated Change 
Cost contributions and other fees  73  99  (26)  -26.3% 
Grants for environmental certificates  848  553  295  53.3% 
Sundry reimbursements  183  195  (12)  -6.2% 
Gains on disposal of assets  944  938  -
Measurement at fair value after changes in control  21  16  31.2% 
Gains on sale of property, plant and equipment and intangible assets  38  43  (5)  -11.6% 
Service continuity bonuses  96  99  (3)  -3.0% 
Proceeds from reimbursement of charges for elimination of Electrical Worker Pension Fund  - 615  (615)  -100.0% 
Other revenues  1,074  892  182  20.4% 
Total  3,277  2,518  759  30.1% 

“Cost contributions and other fees” regard revenues on certain connections to the electricity and gas networks, while “grants for environmental certificates” are incentives paid to renewables generation plants or for energy efficiency activities.

“Sundry reimbursements” are accounted for by reimbursements from customers and suppliers in the amount of €76 million (€136 million in 2012) and insurance settlements totaling €107 million (€59 million in 2012).

“Gains on disposal of assets” amounted to €944 million in 2013, mainly in respect of the gain on the disposal of Artic Russia (and indirectly the stake held by the latter in SeverEnergia) in the amount of €964 million and of 51% of the Buffalo Dunes Wind Project (€20 million). These factors were partially offset by the cancellation of the gain posted in 2009 owing to the withdrawal of the agreement with Acciona for the sale of La Cinqueta (€43 million).

The gain from “measurement at fair value after changes in control” amounted to €21 million and regarded the remeasurement of the net assets still held in the Buffalo Dunes Wind Project (49% of the company) following the disposal that led to the loss of control.

“Proceeds from reimbursement of charges for elimination of Electrical Worker Pension Fund” recognized in 2012 regards the authorization of the reimbursement of costs incurred for the elimination of the pension fund by the Authority for Electricity and Gas with its Resolution 157/2012.

The increase in “Other revenues” is mainly accounted for by the government grant of €381 million to the Argentine distribution company Edesur under the provisions of Resolución 250/13 regarding the Mecanismo de Monitoreo de Costos.