Statement of Consolidated Comprehensive Income

Millions of euroNotes  
Net income for the year 4,780 1,442
Other comprehensive income recyclable to profit or loss
Effective portion of change in the fair value of cash flow hedges (174) (760)
Share of income recognized in equity by companies accounted for using the equity method (29) (7)
Change in the fair value of financial investments available for sale (105) (416)
Change in translation reserve (3,197) 73
Other comprehensive income not recyclable to profit or loss
Change in net liabilities (assets) in respect of defined-benefit plans (188) (248)
Income/(Loss) recognized directly in equity 29 (3,693) (1,358)
Comprehensive income for the period 1,087 84
Pertaining to:    
- shareholders of the Parent Company   1,514 (1,232)
- non-controlling interests   (427) 1,316

(1) The statement of consolidated comprehensive income for 2012 has been restated to provide a better presentation of the impact recognized in the previous year of the introduction of IAS 19 Revised and the change in the accounting treatment of environmental certificates. For more information, please see note 4 below.